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9 reasons why you should date a girl who listens to techno music

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Techno music has its diehard fans, who enjoy listening to the music and dancing to it. Dating a girl who listens to techno music has some great benefits.

You will experience a rich and unique being, who will teach you how to enjoy techno music. She will also probably never leave you.

Here are nine reasons why you should date a girl who likes to listen to techno music.

Techno music girls are independent thinkers

Girls who like techno music are not afraid to fall in love with things they really like. They will be more likely to love their own music, activities and choices of people instead of loving a following any popular trends.

She will love you for you, just like she loves techno music for its rich taste and high quality. A girl who loves techno will truly love you because she does. You will not have to worry about losing her when she gets bored of you.

She isn't afraid to try different music.

Techno isn’t a popular music style with too many people. Most people who listen to techno were probably introduced to the genre by their friends.

Girls who like techno music probably learnt about them from other people, and are now spending time exploring and falling in love with it.

Girls who like techno music will be more willing to explore other music selections with you and help you to fall in love with the right music choice.

Her love for techno keeps her fit

Techno music has high levels of energy. The techno BPM is one of the highest of any music genres.

Listening to techno, while enjoying yourself, could have you very energetic.

While certain types of techno music can e mellow and subtle, other variants are loud and in your face. The high tempo is good for dancing.

Jamming to techno will have you meeting your exercise needs for the day. With techno, you can keep fit by jumping around, dancing vigorously and moving your body to the rhythm.

A girl who likes techno music will probably do this with you, which will help you both get and stay fit.

She has trainers

Girls do not usually have such a versatile choice of shoes. They have pumps, heels and flats for different occasions.

Girls who like techno will have their own stash of trainers. They will have no excuses or unnecessary shoe expenses should you plan for a night or two away from home in a location that might require some trekking,

Girls who like techno music are more likely to say yes to spontaneous trips to beautiful natural sites which may involve some additional footwork.

Will be more willing to join you exercise

 You'll be more likely to make stronger bonds and have more memories with girls who like techno music. She is already willing to burn some pounds on the dance floor and will be willing to get it on further with you.

A girl who likes techno music is not afraid to dance, and spend energy having fun surrounded by things and people she loves. She can get sweaty too. These are great combinations for exercising through techno with people you love.

She can dance

Techno music is highly interactive. If you like the genre, you probably know how to express yourself through dance.

She likes techno music too! She can probably blow you away with her free and enjoyable dancing skills, which she probably picked up while listening to techno music.

You could learn from her how to dance to techno music too, if you are having trouble finding out how to have fun with techno.

She is loyal

Just ask her friends, who have been going to techno clubs in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona with her since they met.

She is fiercely loyal. Like her undying emotion for techno music, she will be close to you. She will not be swayed by any other trend setters and will remain loyal to you.

She is unique

Not many people like techno music. She is a unique being, who fits into a select group of few.

She is a unique being with different tastes. Getting to find out about her will be a great romantic adventure for you.

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